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Core Commerce is a reliable, customizable SaaS eCommerce platform offering personalized service and support and evolving, on-trend technological capabilities. Like our customers, we are driven by creative passion and the personal pride we place in our business.

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Why brand building is important to success

February 16, 2015

What is a Brand Name? A GOOD Brand Name to me is a product that comes to me right off the top of my head when that type of product is mentioned. For example, when someone asks me to go out to lunch, I ask where and they suggest a place. So now I think to myself, what is my perception of this place? ...

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Increase customer loyalty with Reward Points

February 11, 2015

Customer reward points is a powerful customer loyalty program. You are probably used to seeing them with credit cards, frequent flier miles and a host...

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Writing Product Descriptions for E-commerce

May 15, 2013

Writing product descriptions for your online store probably isn't the most enjoyable part of setting up your online store. In fact, it may seem pretty...

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Simple Ways To "Wow" Your Customers

April 29, 2013

As an e-commerce business, providing great customer service to "wow" your customers can be a unique challenge. That's why we've compiled a few tips on...

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How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

February 05, 2013

Thinking about making a change to your website or product? This infographic is loaded with great insights into how colors affect purchases, color asso...

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